Batten Institute

The Batten Institute acts as a foundation within the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia. It invests in applied research and knowledge transfer programs about the frontiers of change in organizations, markets, and technologies. The Institute is a nexus of practitioners and scholars interested in fostering new practical knowledge about business innovation and change. As the vehicle for implementing Darden's interdisciplinary research and programs on major business issues, the Institute promotes and supports the development of intellectual and social capital through collaborations within and between Darden, the University, and their respective stakeholders.

The Darden School was founded as the Virginia Business School in 1954 and its first classes in entrepreneurship and small business were offered in 1961. In early 1996, Darden created the Batten Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership with a generous gift from the Batten family of Norfolk, Virginia, and its Landmark Foundation. The Batten Institute, which succeeded the Batten Center on January 1, 2000, was made possible through a subsequent gift from University of Virginia alumnus Frank Batten, Sr.

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