As a premier healthcare provider or brilliant attorney, you need a trusted expert who understands the ever-changing and complex world of valuation services and fair market value of physician compensation.


With more than 30 years of experience throughout the United States, Cindy Collier & Associates is that partner.


Cindy Collier is a nationally recognized authority on healthcare valuation services and fair market value of physician compensation. She has spoken at numerous industry events about the future of the healthcare industry and has been at the leading edge of several trends, including the fair market value of physician compensation, the integration of healthcare providers, measurement of quality in healthcare, and value-based contracting in healthcare. She has contributed extensively to valuation research with dozens of industry publications.


She has built a team of experts who will work together to provide you the information that will help you make the best business decisions.


The unique background and vast experience of Cindy Collier & Associates has led her and her team to be the trusted advisors to a wide variety of healthcare customers including:


  • Physicians and medical practices
  • Long-term care companies
  • Dentists and dental practices
  • University and community hospitals
  • Attorneys and consultants to the healthcare industry   


When you need a trusted, experienced partner to help you determine the Fair Market Value of your physician compensation plan, determine the value of a healthcare company in order to buy or sell, or provide financial and operational support during litigation, contact Cindy Collier & Associates.